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Group 'A'PWLPts
Bell 'B'107368
Anchor 'A'105554
St Ediths Club 'B'94541
Rose & Crown 'A' (Halstead)103741
Harrow Inn90925
Group 'B'PWLPts
Beech Tree87158
Blundells 'A'85353
Westerham Sports Assn 'B'73437
Woodman 'B' (Ot)73429
Group 'C'PWLPts
Five Bells (chelsfield)86253
Bell 'A'86250
Blundells 'B'84445
Woodman 'A' (Ot)84443
Half Moon80829
Group 'D'PWLPts
Dunton Green S.C. 'A'86256
Five Bells 'A' (Seal)86255
Anchor 'B'84451
Westerham Sp Assn 'A'84445
Bell 'C'80813
Group 'E'PWLPts
Dunton Green S.C. 'B'88077
Biggin Hill S.C.85351
Five Bells 'B' (Seal)84445
Woodman 'C' (Ot)82629
Rose & Crown 'B' (Halstead)82618
Quarter FinalsWeek 123rd August 2017
Played at Blundells Sqush Club Biggin HillBeech Tree 8 vDunton Green S.C. 'A' .1.
Played at Five Bells (Chelsfield)Dunton Green S.C. 'B' .6. v Five Bells 'A'( Seal) .1.
Played at Five Bells (Seal)Five Bells (Chelsfield) .5.v Blundells 'A' .6.
Played at Beech TreeCricketers .6. vBell'B' (Kemsing) .5.
Semi-FinalsWeek 1310th August 2017
Played at CricketersBeech Tree 1. vDunton Gn S.C.'B' . 6.
Played at Dunton Green Social ClubBlundells 'A' 3. v Cricketers .6.
Final played at The ANCHORWeek 14.17th August 2017
Dunton Gn S.C. 'B' 6. V Cricketers 2.
Group Winners to Recive Trophies on Finals NightGroup 'A'
Group 'B'
Group 'C'
Beech Tree
Five Bells Chelsfield
Group 'D'
Group 'E'
Dunton Green S.C. 'A'
Dunton Green S.C. 'B'