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ESDL Week 2


Group 'A'PWLPts
Five Bells 'A' (Seal)1107
Anchor 'B'1014
Rose & Crown (Hal)1014
Blundells Sq Cl0000
Blundells Sq ClPvPRose & Crown (Hal)
Five Bells 'A' (Seal)7.v4.Anchor 'B'
Group 'B'PWLPts
St Ediths Club 'A'22018
Anchor 'A'21111
Westerham Sp As 'B'1109
Bell 'B' (Kemsing)1013
Harrow Inn2023
Anchor 'A'2.v9.Westerham Sp As 'B'
St Ediths Club 'A'10.v1.Harrow Inn
Bell 'B' (Kemsing)vBYE
Group 'C'PWLPts
Five Bells 'B' (Seal)22016
Bell 'A' (Kemsing)21110
Beech Tree1107
St Ediths Club 'B'2027
Five Bells (Chels)1014
Five Bells (Chels)vBYE
St Ediths Club 'B'2.v9.Five Bells 'B' (Seal)
Beech Tree7v4.Bell 'A' (Kemsing)
Group 'D'PWLPts
Dunton Green S.C,22020
Woodman 'C'22015
Biggin Hill S.C.11011
Three Horseshoes2025
Bell 'C' (Kemsing)2023
Westerham Sp As 'A'1011
Bell 'C' (Kemsing)2.v9.Woodman 'C'
Westerham Sp As 'A'1.v10.Dunton Green S.C.
Three Horse Shoes0.v11.Biggin Hill S.C.