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Group 'A'PWLPts
Biggin Hill S.C.44034
Five Bells 'A' (Seal)42226
Anchor 'B'43122
Rose & Crown (Hal)41321
Westerham Sp Assn42220
The Bell 'A'4049
Five Bells 'A' (Seal)8.v3.Westerham Sp Assn
Rose & Crown (Hal)7.v4.The Bell 'A'
Biggin Hill S.C.8.v3.Anchor 'B'
Group 'B'PWLPts
Five Bells 'B' (Seal)32124
Anchor 'A'32118
The Bell 'B'32116
Three Horseshoes31211
The Chelsfield2028
The ChelsfieldP.vP.Five Bells 'B' (Seal)
Anchor 'A'7.v4.Three Horseshoes
The Bell 'B'vBYE
Group 'C'PWLPts
Dunton Green S.C.33026
Woodman 'B'32118
Blundells 'A' Sq Cl31213
Harrow Inn3034
Dunton Green S.C.11.v0.Harrow Inn
Woodman 'B'6.v5.Cricketers
Blundells 'A' Sq ClvBYE
Group 'D'PWLPts
Beech Tree33026
Blundells 'B' Sq Cl43122
Five Bells (Chelsfield)32118
Woodman 'A'30312
St Ediths Club30310
St Ediths ClvBYE
Blundells 'B' Sq Cl6.v5.Five Bells (Chelsfield)
Beech Tree9.v2.Woodman 'A'