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SCDL Week 21 Table & Results

Sevenoaks Charity Darts League
League Table & Results Week 21
Premier DivisionPWLPts
Dunton Green S.C. 'C'18180128
Orpington R.B.L.18162115
Five Bells (Chelsfield)1811794
Dunton Green S.C. 'B'1811792
Beech Tree (St Marys Cray)1810888
Five Bells (Eynsford)189975
Five Bells 'A' (Seal)1871170
The Bell 'A' (Kemsing)1851365
Anchor 'B'1831555
George & Dragon (Ton)1801829
The Bell 'A' (Kemsing)5v4Anchor 'B'
Orpington R.B.L.3v6Dunton Green S.C. 'C'
Five Bells (Chelsfield)7v2Five Bells 'A' (Seal)
Orpington R.B.L.5v4The Bell 'A' (Kemsing)
Dunton Green S.C. 'C'8v1Five Bells (Chelsfeild)
Beech Tree4v5Five Bells (Eynsford)
Most 180's to date:-A Betts 12
Highest Finish to date:-C White 152
A' DivisionPWLPts
St Edith Club 'B'18162115
Five Bells 'B' (Seal)18126100
Blundells 'A'1812689
Dunton Green S.C. 'A'1881087
St Edith Club 'A'1810885
The Bulls Head 'A' (Pratts Bottom)189982
Rose & Crown 'A' (Halstead)1871174
Leigh R.B.L. 'A'1871170
Woodman 'A' (Otford)1861266
Leigh R.B.L. 'B'1831552
St Edith Club 'B'7v2Leigh R.B.L. 'A'
Bulls Head 'A' (P/B)3v6Dunton Green S.C.'A'
Leigh R.B.L. 'B'1v8Blundells 'A'
Rose & Crown 'A'6v3Blundells 'A'
Five Bells 'B' (Seal)6v3St Edith Club 'A'
Woodman 'A'3v6Blundells 'A'
Most 180's to date:-N Young
I Read
T Seabrook
3Rose & Crown 'A'5v4Five Bells 'B' (Seal)
Highest Finish to date:-G Wood 161Dunton Green S.C. 'A' 6v3Woodman 'A'
St Edith Club 'A'3v6Woodman 'A'
B' DivisionPWLPts
Westerham Sports Assn 'A'16115101
Harrow Inn168898
Stanhope Arms 'B'168894
Three Horseshoes 'B'168893
Woodman 'B' (Otford)169785
Kings Arms 1661082
Three Horseshoes 'A'1621463
Rose & Crown 'B' (Halstead)1641263
Kings Arms4v7Cricketers
Rose & Crown 'B'5v6Woodman 'B'
Three Horseshoes 'A'5v6Rose & Crown 'B'
Cricketers6v5Three Horseshoes 'B'
Westerham Sports Assn 'A'6v5Stanhope Arms 'B'
Most 180's to date:-A Ronnie
C Morkoll
1Cricketers 6v5Three Horseshoes 'A'
Highest Finish to date:-L Bartholomew122
C' DivisionPWLPts
Westerham Sports Assn 'B'16160131
Blundells 'B'1610694
The Bell 'B' (Kemsing)167986
Anchor 'A'1651184
The Bulls Head 'B' (Pratts Bottom)167981
Stanhope Arms 'A'1641274
St Edith Club 'C'1661073
White Horse 1661067
(Walk over)Dukeshead 6v0White Horse
St Edith Club 'C'6v5Anchor 'A'
White Horse2v9Blundells 'B'
Stanhope Arms 'A'5v6White Horse
The Bell 'B'4v7Bulls Head 'B'
Most 180's to date:-K Hutson
R Banks
M Burtenshaw
N Jeffrey
Highest Finish to date:-J Bowers167