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SCDL Week 8 Table & Results


Sevenoaks Charity Darts League
League Table & Results Week 8
Premier DivisionPWLPts
Five Bells (Chelsfield)85346
Dunton Green S.C 'C'66044
Orpington R.B.L66042
Beech Tree (St Mary Cray)66041
Dunton Green S.C 'B'74336
Five Bells (Eynsford)64235
Anchor 'B'71619
The Bell 'A' (Kem)71619
Five Bell 'A' (Seal)71617
George & Dragon (Ton)8088
George & Dragon (Ton)1v8Beech Tree
Bell 'A' (Kemsing)3v6Orpington R.B.L
Five Bells (Eynsford)3v6Dunton Green S.C 'B'
Five Bells (Chelsfield)4v5Dunton Green S.C 'C'
Five Bell 'A' (Seal)CancelledAnchor 'B'
Most 180's to date:-A Betts5
Highest Finish to date:-C White152
A' DivisionPWLPts
St Edith Club 'B'87151
Bullshead 'A' (Pratts Bottom)75236
Blundells 'A'75236
Five Bells 'B' (Seal)64235
Dunton Green S.C 'A'63327
St Edith Club 'A'53224
Woodman 'A' (Otford)72524
Leigh R.B.L 'B'71621
Rose & Crown 'A' (Halstead)61519
Leigh R.B.L 'A'51415
Dunton Green S.C 'A'3v6Bullshead 'A' (Pratts Bottom)
Leigh 'A'1v8St Edith 'B'
Blundells 'A'7v2Leigh 'B'
St Edith 'A'5v4Five Bells (Seal)
Rose & Crown 'A'4v5Woodman 'A'
Most 180's to date:-G. Pickett2
Highest Finish to date:-I. Luke116
B' DivisionPWLPts
Westerham sports assn 'A'76145
Harrow Inn62434
Rose & Crown 'B' (Halstead)63332
Stanhopes Arms 'B'64232
Three horseshoes 'B'52327
Kings Arms 51423
Woodman 'B' (Otford)42222
Three horseshoes 'A'50519
Three Horse shoes 'AvBYE
Cricketers9v2Kings Arm
Harrow Inn8v3Three horseshoes 'B'
Stanhope Arms 'B'5v6Westerham sports assn 'A'
Woodman 'B'6v5Rose & Crown 'B'
Most 180's to date:-A Ronnie 1
Highest Finish to date:-R Stevens100
C' DivisionPWLPts
Westerham Sport Assn 'B'66050
Blundells 'B'75244
White Horse75241
The Bell 'B' (Kemsing)73436
Bullshead 'B' (Pratts Bottom)83535
Anchor 'A'71634
Stanhope Arms62430
St Edith Club 'C'71628
Anchor 'A'8v3St Edith Club 'C'
Westerham sport assn 'B'6v5Blundells 'B'
White Horse7v4Stanhope Arms 'A'
Bullshead 'B' (Pratts Bottom)7v4The Bell 'B' (Kemsing)
Most 180's to date:-K Hutson1
Highest Finish to date:-P Jones124

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