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SLDL Week 10 Table & Results

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Sevenoaks Ladies Charity Dart League
League Table & Results
A' DivisionPWLPts
St Ediths Club86260
Anchor 'A'87153
Five Bells (Chelsfield)85349
Dunton Green S.C. 'B'81737
Anchor 'B'64231
Five Bells (Seal)62428
The Bell81728
Most 180s to Date.1.L.Mepham,(Dunton Green S.C. 'B')
Highest Finish to date:-67. A.Kennedy(Five Bells (Chelsfield)
A' DivisionWeek
Five Bells (seal)2.v9.St Ediths Club
The Bell5.v6.Anchor 'A'
Anchor 'B'6.v5.Dunton Green S.C. 'B'
Five Bells (Chelsfield)vBYE
B' DivisionPWLPts
Rose & Crown (Hal)74341
Harrow Inn74340
Eynsford R.C.64236
The Chelsfield 'A'63331
Dunton Green S.C. 'A'53228
Three Horseshoes51422
The Chelsfield 'B'41321
Highest Finish to date:-82. J.Erice (The Chelsfield 'A')
B' DivisionWeek
Dunton Green S.C. 'A'P.vP.The Chelsfield 'B'
Rose & Crown (Hal)P.vP.Harrow Inn
Three Horseshoes4.v7.Eynsford R.C.
The Chelsfield 'A'vBYE

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