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SLDL Week 14 Table & Results

Sevenoaks Ladies Charity Dart League
League Table & Results
A' DivisionPWLPts
St Ediths Club1010078
Dukes Head119269
Five Bells (Chelsfield)118368
Eynsford R.C.114754
Anchor 'A'113851
Five Bells (Seal)113851
Dunton Green S.C.````11``11047
Highest Finish to date:-87.J.Bracey,Eynsford R.C.
A' DivisionWeek
Eynsford R.C.vBYE
Five Bells (Seal)5.v6.Dunton Green S.C.
St Ediths Club7.v4.Five Bells (Chelsfield)
Anchor 'A'5.v6.Dukes Head
B' DivisionPWLPts
The Chelsfield 'A'128470
Anchor 'B'107368
Bell (Kemsing)116563
Harrow Inn117457
Rose & Crown (Hal)113856
The Chelsfield 'B'104654
Three Horseshoes92739
Highest Finish to date:-50. K.Buck, Rose & Crown (Hal)
B' DivisionWeek
The Chelsfield 'B'3.v8.Anchor 'B'
Three Horseshoes5.v6.Harrow Inn
Rose & Crown (Hal)vBYE
Bell (Kemsing)7.v4.The Chelsfield 'A'