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SLDL Week 19 Table & Results

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Sevenoaks Ladies Charity Dart League
League Table & Results
A' DivisionPWLPts
St Ediths Club16124120
Anchor 'A'1512393
Five Bells (Chelsfield159693
Anchor 'B'139478
Dunton Green S.C. 'B'1541174
Five Bells (Seal)1331052
The Bell1521351
Highest Finish to date:-117.K.Perkins(St Ediths Club
A' DivisionWeek
Five Bells (Seal2.v9.Five Bells (Chelsfield)
Anchor 'B'vBYE
The Bell3.v8.Dunton Green S.C. 'B'
St Ediths Club8.v3.Anchor 'A'
B' DivisionPWLPts
Rose &Crown (Hal)136771
The Chelsfield 'A'128468
Eynsford R.C.117467
Harrow Inn124862
Dunton Green S.C.'A'105556
The Chelsfield 'B'104650
Highest Finish to date:-101, C.Rice, (The Chelsfield 'A')
B' DivisionWeek
Dunton Green S.C. 'A;P.vP.The Chelsfield 'A;
Rose & Crown (Hal)4.v7.Eynsford R.C.
The Chelsfield 'B'3.v8.Harrow Inn
Most 180.1. L.Mepham,(Dunton Green S.C)..1.V.Turnbull,(Five Bells (Chelsfield)

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